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Ivonne Forno



Graduated in Law and Master in Financial Management and Consulting, she holds positions on the Boards of Directors of Organizations and companies operating in the financial and asset management sector, including OneOSix S.p.A., AcomeA SGR S.p.A., Green Arrow Capital S.p.A. Società Benefit, Finanziaria Internazionale Investments SGR s.p.A.. It carries out consultancy assignments in legal-organisational matters, mainly in favor of financial intermediaries, pension funds, social security funds, insurance companies, institutional investors. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors with operational powers in the Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation – HIT, an instrumental body of the Autonomous Province of Trento active in the technological transfer of the research and innovation system of the same Province and Director of the Bruno Kessler Foundation. Most recently appointed independent director on the board of directors of Nummus.info S.p.A., a company specialized in financial reporting and in the context of ethical and sustainable finance. Mentor at the University of Trento and at other national organisations/associations, she has also been a lecturer over the years in numerous specialization courses in the social security and financial sector.