About Us

BORGOSESIA SPA is a joint-stock company listed on the Mercato Telematico Azionario (MTA), the leading Equity Market of the Italian Stock Exchange, active in the field of investments in alternative assets as well as in their management on behalf of third-party investors. In this context, the main asset class - leveraging on a mix of financial, professional and real estate expertise within the Group - is represented by real estate with a focus on the purchase of properties to be completed or revitalized mainly for residential use - located in large urban and tourist centres – the purchase mostly preceded by that of non-performing loans secured by a mortgage registered on them.

The mission of Borgosesia is therefore to create value for large and small investors, seizing the opportunities offered by investments - which have limited risk but high potential - in corporate crisis situations or ones which need new impetus.

Founded in 1873 in the textile and wool sector, Borgosesia has maintained - while adapting to the corporate developments that have affected it in almost 150 years of history - its original vocation over the years as an industrial holding company aimed at creating value for shareholders, employees, collaborators and investors.