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Giada Merendino



An Economics & Management graduate specialised in finance, she boasts over 10 years of experience in the sphere of NPLs and distressed opportunities, having structured transactions aimed at the purchase of NPLs (Secured and Unsecured), as well as created and structured “Special Situation & Distressed Opportunities” transactions focussing on composition with creditors after bankruptcy, closure agreement of creditors and restructuring agreements pursuant to Article 182 of the l.f. amounting to circa € 0.8 bn. In recent years, she has also held the position of Fund Manager & Credit Fund Manager in a major asset management company, dealing with the management of FIA Immobiliari and taking part in the establishment and launch of FIA Immobiliari through the acquisition of distressed Loans through assistance to AIF. She has held the position of Credit Fund Manager in relation to the establishment of UTP Acquisition and Direct Lending Funds; at Borgosesia Spa, she is head of the Alternative Investments division in the Distressed market.

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